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Scarborough to Whitby 31st May 2007

Another sunny day with the wind still from the south east we leave Scarborough bound for Whitby at 14.45. Another day running goose winging north, and another day with the kind of motion to upset the balance mechanism which causes the sea sickness, although Malcolm seemed to be coping better, he was helming which helps to concentrate the mind.

The wind was moving around or was it the motion of the boat with a following sea; I decided to rig the preventer on the main and pole out the Genoa to gain some speed or we would miss the last bridge at Whitby. George was steering the boat and must have got lost because he suddenly turned the boat to port, Malcolm said what's happening we are heading for the shore, as I turned round to put the tiller pilot on standby and take the helm, I had that instinctive felling about the jibe. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the main begin to back fill. Malcolm had stood up when the boat turned I shouted to Malcolm to watch out as the boom swung round. But too late the boom hit Malcolm on the head and he crouched down holding the wound, there was blood dripping on the cockpit soul and I was fearful of a serious injury.

I quickly sorted the boat out and attended to Malcolm's head. There were two cuts, one quite deep, he never had blurred vision or lost consciousness, so although his head was sore, the bleeding had almost stopped so we made our way on to Whitby. The incident had cost us the time required to make the last bridge, we missed it by minutes.

We were lucky that a Whitby Sailing Club member was on the club pontoon and gave us permission to berth there. I inflated the dingy and we rowed across the river to walk the short distance to the hospital. This was the N.H.S. at their best within the hour Malcolm had five stitches and given some pain relief pills.

We had a drink with Steve and Sandra who had come to Whitby to meet us, and we had a great fish and chip supper in the famous Magpie restaurant, before returning to the boat to get some sleep before the next days sail to Hartlepool.