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 Lochinver to Ullapool 17th June 2007

I was awake at 07.30, and as the weather was fair so I decided to get some exercise and have a walk through the town. I was in need of some camping gaz before I run out, one bottle was empty now, and I like to keep the spare full at all times. I found the general store and chandlers just off the main street, and the notice on the door said opening times on Saturday were 10.00 till 12.00, so I will call back later. I carried on up the main street passing the grand looking Culag Hotel but with only a few cars in the car park. I walked further up the main street as far as the T junction and back, calling in at the harbour office and fish market  on the way back. I thought it rather strange that there was nobody about, and the chandlers didn't open on time either, so I returned to the boat and prepared to leave for Gairloch as I had arranged to meet Malcolm there today.

10.15 and I am ready to leave. Andy and Linda are still asleep by the sound of it so I won't be seeing them before I depart. By 11.30 I am past Kircraig Point and passing to the north of A'ChLei and across Enard bay towards Rubha Coigeach. I think Gairloch will be too far for me to sail today, if I want to meet Malcolm early enough to have a meal and to talk about the voyage so far. We need to discuss Malcolm's return, if that is what he wants, and the rest of the circumnavigation. I think Ullapool, although of track somewhat would be a better port to meet, so I will give Malcolm a ring to change our rendezvous from Gairloch to Ullapool. I also telephoned Linda and complained about the chandlers being closed when the sign on the door indicated they were open on Saturday mornings. Its Sunday today Vince she said, I just laughed, I have completely lost my sense of time. I dont even know what day it is, but I like it!!   

 12.45 and I will soon have the Summer Isles in view. I will have to plan the passage through the Summer Isles. Once round Eilean Mullagrach and Glas-Leac Mor I head past Tanera Beg & Tanera Mor, between the two small islands south of Tanera Beg and head for Carn Skerries. Once past Carn Skerries Its five miles to Rubba Cadail light at the entrance to Loch Broom. There is a port hand buoy off Ullapool Point which keeps you clear of shallow water.

03.45 and I pass the ferry terminal and small harbour, and head for some mooring buoys ahead. I picked up a buoy just before the sailing club, but was advised by two locals in a small boat that the anchor to the buoy wasn't very good, and That I would be better on the larger buoy nearby which belonged to a 35ft fishing vessel that was temporarily  out of commission. Malcolm was on the sea wall watching the proceedings so I launched the dingy, and rowed ashore for our first reunion.

Malcolm wasn't too keen on staying on the boat so we found him some accommodation in the town and went for a meal at the Ferry Boat Inn. After eating Malcolm fancied having a closer look at the Summer Isles, so we drove out to Rhue where we had another drink at the Summer Isles Hotel. there are fantastic views across to the numerous islands. We got talking to Neil & Viv who were relaxing in the bar lounge, they too were sailors and when they heard about the voyage for charity they donated some cash, which was much appreciated. Their boat is called Tulala. Time was passing so we headed back to Ullapool, where I returned to Anita 'A' afloat just off shore, and Malcolm returned  to his guest house, where I would join him for breakfast in the morning.


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