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Eyemouth to Stonehaven 6th June 2007

Engine on all fuelled up with diesel, and new oil and filter for the engine I let go and turned 180deg to exit the harbour. This will be an overnight passage across the Firth of Forth. The wind is still from the north so it looks like a lot of motoring ahead.

I will cook dinner en-route which will give me something to do as well as keeping a good lookout and marking my position on the chart every hour. I did dinner at 20.30hrs after 3hrs motor sailing there was nothing in site but I didn't stay below for long before I dashed on deck for another scan of the horizon.

The new spray hood took its first hit as we ploughed through a wave; I think I am going to appreciate having fitted one as Anita 'A' is a very wet boat in a rough sea.

There are some fishing boats about. Two off the starboard quarter and three off the starboard bow all going away from my course so nothing to be concerned about. 01.30 And time for a hot drink and snack.

Its now 07.30, and with the wind and sea building, its time to put a reef in the main, and roll the genoa in. 08.00 and the starboard lower has parted with the deck fitting, so I reduce sail further and jury rig the lower with some line.

Not far to go now and I don't think there will be a problem with the rigging before I can fix it properly. I entered Stonehaven at 09.40, and was tied up alongside the wall by 10.05.

It had taken me 16hrs 35min for the passage but I didn't too feel tired so I got to work on the rigging, and fitted a bolt through the fitting until I could get the correct size clevis pin. The wind had gone from F3 to F5/6 on the passage but the boat sailed like a dream, and adds to my confidence about sailing alone. I always wear my life jacket and stay clipped on at all times when on deck, I can't reach the heads clipped on but I can make tea etc so I stay clipped on below sometimes. There is just the problem of standing on the safety line as I step through the hatch, which tends to speed up the entry into the cabin with a few expletives.

I was invited for a night cap on Ruby a benateau 38, cavernous after the size of Anita 'A's cabin after just over a week aboard. They were returning to port Edgar after racing, and were all very sleepy, so I didn't outstay my welcome and returned to my small but comfortable boat and turned in for a good nights sleep.