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Spurn Point to Scarborough 30th May 2007

Well we are on our way again, heading north on our circumnavigation Scarborough here we come. With the wind in the south, and on a run goose winging north, the motion of the boat wasn't to Malcolm's liking and he soon felt nausea.

Malcolm was tired from the lack of sleep on the anchorage, so he went for a sleep on his bunk, he barely shifted all day. I have fortunately never been sea sick, but fair ground rides make me sick, so I know what it's like, or is it worse?

We sailed past Bridlington with its drying harbour, the plan to build a marina in Bridlington keeps being opposed by the locals that think all yacht and motor cruiser owners are filthy rich and wouldn't spend any of their money in the town.

Anyway back to the boat we have Flamborough Head to get round next with the cliffs towering above the sea, we have the tide so nothing to worry about. We sailed past Filey, and Filey Brigg, where numerous fossils can be found, and on to Scarborough, with some new deep water pontoons in the main harbour. I called the harbour master to announce our arrival and was told there was no problem entering.

Malcolm had recovered somewhat by this time and was busy getting fenders and lines ready. We went into the small harbour first onto a pontoon which dries; the harbour master said we could have a deep water pontoon so we moved to the main harbour. All tied up a chance for Malcolm to get off the boat onto terafirma, which made him feel a lot better, also a walk into town to stretch the legs, get some exercise, and buy some new fishing tackle.

We had a drink at a café bar above a bakers shop, and resisted the temptation to buy some of those scrummy looking sticky buns, back to the boat for some dinner and a shower in the lighthouse toilet block. After dinner we went to the yacht club bar for a drink, a friendly atmosphere chatting to the local club members. We know a couple of members at Scarborough which helps to start things off so the evening went well and we returned to the boat happy.