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Stonehaven to Peterhead-8th June 2007

I was preparing for sea when my mobile rang. It was an enquiry from work, so I will have to delay leaving to make some calls. With work sorted and an hour gone I can now set off for Peterhead. The wind is NNE F4 so I raised the sails and turned the engine off and headed north close hauled under a cloudy sky. The clouds started breaking up buy 11.30 and the temperature went up so I went off the wind 20 deg to enjoy the sailing more. It will take me longer to reach Peterhead on this course but it’s more fun, and I am not in a rush today. I will be passing Aberdeen today so I will keep my eye on the horizon for the oil rig service vessels which will be in the area. I put a tack in to head back towards the shore; I don’t want to go too far offshore just in case the weather breaks and the winds do increase. So I tack my way north enjoying the sailing for a change, and by 13.00hrs the sun is shining, so much so that I put some sun tan lotion on my face, which is unusual for me. I passed two supply ships, both heading south, and both out of Peterhead. By 16.30hrs I set a course direct to Peterhead, to make sure that I arrived today. I didn’t want to loose the day completely and I was now close hauled again. Rain clouds were sighted to the west so with the engine on to make the course I headed for home. The great sailing that I had enjoyed meant that I wouldn’t reach port until 21.45hrs, so it would be a late dinner. I felt a little hungry so a snack was called for. I had enjoyed the day so well that I hadn’t eaten much during the day, just drinks and the odd biscuit as and when required.

I called Peterhead to get clearance to enter the harbour which I was given, and made my way across the main harbour where the supply ships were berthed into the marina where I came alongside the pontoon and tied up for the night. I am now in my third Scottish port, and it stays light till very late up here, in fact it doesn't get properly dark at all in the summer unless the sky is black with clouds. The first task was to ring Linda as always to let her know that I was in safe, and the second was to prepare dinner. I saw Golden Otter in Blyth her home port, where Malcolm was most impressed by the superb finish to the wooden hull. She was in Stonehaven, and here she was again. I later found out that Derek the owner had built Golden Otter himself, and was impressed with some of his ideas that had been incorporated into the boat,  most parts being designed and made by the Derek.


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