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          Kinlochbervie to Lochinver 16 June 2007

I was awakened just after 08.00 with Anita being rocked about and hitting the harbour wall, with the fenders protecting the boat from damage, there wasn't a problem with the berth but I felt uncomfortable. I decided to venture ashore for a look around, but being Saturday there was nobody about yet, there were other boats moored further along the harbour wall, and a pontoon further round the harbour, this was in fairly shallow water, and was full with small craft, some being rafted up. I enquired about fuel availability with the skipper of a large motor vessel moored nearby, and was told that he was going to telephone the man in charge of the fuel pump as he required fuel before he could leave. It was 09.30 when we found out that fuel wouldn't be available as the person that deals with the fuel had gone out for the day, and he didn't know when he would be back. I was still tired from the night sail, and as I wasn't too happy with the berth I decided to leave for Lochinver. I was just about to drop my lines when a woman asked when I had arrived, I said 06.00, and that I wanted some fuel which was unavailable, so I was leaving, she seemed disappointed at my decision and left. I released my lines and motored out of Kinlochbervie, taking in the fenders as I went. I was now  heading for Lochinver. I headed out of Loch Inchard, and round Glas Leac, I set the next waypoint off Stour Point, and headed south once more. By 11.00 I was off Handa Island, and as the wind had abated somewhat I took the reefs out of the main sail. Its eleven miles to Stour Head and with the wind down to F3 I can have a peaceful sail, I might even slow down enough to do a spot of fishing later. By 13.20 I am rounding Stour Point and heading for Stour Head Light just over a mile away.

 Once past the light I alter course to 148deg, and head for the passage between Soyea Island, and Rubha Rodha on the mainland, staying closer to the mainland in the deeper water. Sailing across Achmelvich Bay I see two local fishermen fishing close in to the rocks, and wonder if the fishing is good. I haven't caught a single fish this trip as I am going too fast which is a pity because I like fish, especially if I catch it myself.

16.10 and I am entering Loch Inver, and by 16.30 am rounding the breakwater and heading for a vacant berth on the pontoon, where Andy from the Nicholson 36 berthed opposite takes my stern and bow lines, and invites me aboard the Nicholson 36 for a brilliant cup of tea made by Andy's wife Linda. Andy & Linda had recently sold up to live on the boat permanently and were enjoying life free from the stresses and strains of land based living. No traffic for a start!!

There was a bonus being in Lochinver. The fishermen I had seen earlier had returned to the pontoon, and berthed right behind Anita 'A', I asked if the fishing had been good? Not too bad came the reply, followed by would you like a cod for your dinner passing the fish to me, with a thank you I then returned to my boat to gut and fillet the fish, I wrapped the fillets in cling film and placed them in the coolest part of the boat (the bilge). I am due to meet Malcolm tomorrow, and he just might like to come back aboard for a fish supper? We will see. 


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