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Hull Marina 28th May 2007

Hull is where the voyage begins and ends. Why Hull you might ask? so far from the sea, and with strong tides to contend with, and the grit in the water which grinds away at the moving parts that come into contact with it. well the answer is simple. My daughter lives in Hull with my two grandchildren Alfie & Molly.

I used to sail out of Hartlepool, but it seemed pointless my wife going to Hull and me to Hartlepool at the weekends, plus I can take my grandchildren sailing soon now they are six (twins)

Hull is a very friendly marina, with a good chandlers, brokerage facilities, and staff. Its in the middle of town, so its convenient to re-stock the boat with all the required food and refreshments.

So there we are first leg Hull to Spurn Point with a wait at anchor to await the north going tide  to take us on up to Scarborough and hopefully to try out the new deep pontoon berths now available.