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Port Erin Isle of Man to Holyhead 29th June 2007


I was awake early today to listen to the weather at 05:30, but I couldn't find Dave's radio, so I just sat in the conservatory watching the gulls washing in the nearby lake, and moving on to the next field to rest. Dave and Dawn were up early enough, we had some breakfast before Dawn left for work. Dave said we would have to collect Dawns motorcycle from where it was left after breaking down, and there were a few other things to do before I left. First job was to inspect the work Dave had done on the conversion works of the outbuildings, then we collected the bike, went into town to deliver some free range eggs, and then on to a farm for some organic produce. I had told Dave I needed a weather report, so we went to see his friend Tom who is blind, but still goes sailing. Tom wanted to know all about my voyage and saved my mobile No so he could keep in touch during the rest of the voyage. He also provided me with the latest weather report which he printed out for me, the report was favourable, so it would be go for Holyhead today, which required me to set off as soon as possible to get past the Skerries with a favourable tide.

Leaving the Isle of Man.

After tripping around with Dave, it was 12:30 before I was letting go the mooring buoy and heading out to sea. I raised the main before clearing the bay, and with the wind on the bow motor sailed towards my destination. The first task was to navigate around the bottom of the Calf of Man and past Chicken Rock, there is a passage between the Calf of man and the mainland but it looked daunting, and with the wind from the SW there was an advantage in getting further west. 14:00 and I was clear of Chicken light house and with full sail I set a course for Holyhead, an hour later with the wind SW F4, and with my heading of 180deg I was reaching along, and making good progress, I should just about make it past the Skerries before the tide changes.

What with preparing and eating lunch and drinking a large mug of tea, plus having a good tidy up and putting things away, and correcting the course when the tiller pilot got lost which was often, the time passed quickly, it was 18:00 when the wind began to back and drop which reduced boat speed. I resisted following the wind, as I was aware of the tide, which would push me towards Liverpool bay if I didn't pass the Skerries before the tide change. 19:30 and I was loosing time, and the leeway was pushing me East, so with regret I started the engine.

21:30 and about 2nm NW of the Skerries the sea became flat with a smooth surface, which is something I didn't want to see. I had missed the tide, and boat speed over the ground began to drop off, I altered course to 280deg and headed out to sea where the tide would be less forceful, an hour passed before I altered course again heading for South Stack light. I was at least making headway, and made it into Holyhead harbour at 23:30. I followed the breakwater down to the entrance of the marina, where I found a vacant berth where I secured Anita before heading for the security gate where Linda and her brother Trevor were waiting.


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