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Whitby to Hartlepool 2nd June 2007

With Malcolm feeling better, and a bright and sunny morning, it was time to get on our way once again. We had our breakfast and washed up before departing, so with the engine on, Malcolm cast off, and we left the pontoon with a wide sweep to proceed down river.

The Whitby lifeboat was moored not far away so we were looking at her as we neared the bend to pick up the leading line a quick look for the line proved useless as there was thick fog at the entrance to the harbour, the lights at the end of the piers at either side weren't visible, so it was about turn and back to the pontoon. The fog stayed all day, just at the entrance to the harbour, but so did the sun, the pleasure boats could only do river trips all day so the river was very busy.

With a gloriously warm day the streets of Whitby were packed. So were shops, especially the tea rooms. We decided to join the crowds and explore the town ourselves but not for too long we found somewhere to have a coffee, then we rowed back across the river and relaxed on the boat in the sun watching the world pass by.

The following morning the fog wasn't as thick so I decided to try again we motored out of the harbour to see if the fog had cleared enough for us to proceed; we could see over a mile out to sea, so we set a course for Hartlepool. Malcolm seemed to be improving, he had eaten his breakfast, and was in the cockpit keeping watch and helming. We were on more of a broad reach so the motion was less with the boat not rolling so much, but then the wind went further round and put us on another run. I went forward and raised the cruising chute which gave us more speed, but we had the roll back.

Its not too far to Hartlepool from Whitby so we were soon preparing to enter the lock, I went on the VHF to the marina to check the depth and was told we would have enough water, the lock was already open so we went straight in and onto the lock pontoon. As is usual we were given a berth about as far away as possible from the office, there were no pass keys to enter the marina so every time we went out we had to be let back in by others, which was a nuisance.

My wife Linda had come to see us at Hartlepool and had brought the spare depth sounder which will be required when I come to anchor further up the coast, although the old method of a line and lead weight would have sufficed. Linda and me walked over to the supermarket for further supplies the showers weren't clean and the water was cold. This is not the marina I have been to before I used to keep my boat here. Maybe they were having a bad day.