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 Ullapool to Gairloch/Badachro 18 June 2007

06.30 and I am up and raring to go. First job is to get some fuel. No first job is a cup of tea, then I row ashore to look for the fuel  dock. I find the fuel supplier, but there will be no service until 10.00, so I have a look along the sea front before returning to the boat, and doing the passage plan before going ashore for a shower and breakfast with Malcolm. After breakfast Malcolm accompanies me to the fuel supplier to get the fuel. On our way along the sea front we pause to watch, as a yacht is leaving under sail and wonder if they are local. When we find our way to the office for fuel we are told that we can only get fuel after the ferry has left, which is too late for the tides. The two guys in the office are only standing around and drinking tea/coffee and all we wanted was to get two cans of fuel which would take no more than fifteen minuets. They said you have two choices. The garage, where you can pay full price for road fuel, or you can wait till we are ready to serve you. Most annoyed with their attitude I said I have another choice, I can spend my money in a more friendly port, then thanked them for their help and left.

10.30 and I have weighed anchor and am on my way motoring out of the anchorage. Its a really nice day with light winds F2/3 so I raise the main and unfurl the genoa, and follow the other yacht which is some way ahead by now. I was only half way up loch broom when I see a deer swimming across the Loch just off my bow, Although I altered course away from the deer's heading I must have frightened her because she turned and headed for the shore. I was amazed at the speed she could swim. After passing the deer I once again gave chase to the yacht ahead. This wasn't a race but a natural instinct to compete.

It wasn't until I had rounded Greenstone Point that I began to gain and by the time we were off Rubha Reidh I wasn't far astern, but then we had to alter course onto a run into Gairloch, and I began to loose the advantage. The other yacht was heading straight for Badachro, as I headed for Gairloch to find the pier where I believe there are some alongside berths. I slowly sailed right around the bay twice but couldn't pick out the pier, so I headed for Badachro too. I only needed to start the engine to enter Badachro to pick up a spare buoy. I then went ashore, to check if the buoy was vacant and was told the owner was away, so I would be ok for the night. After a pint in the pub which was very busy, I returned to the boat to cook dinner. I fancied the cod that I had stored in the bilges from the fisherman in Lochinver, and it was so good I ate the lot with carrots and potatoes, and had rice pudding for afters.

Just after dinner I had a call from the female crew off the yacht I had been following, she had rowed across and invited me over for a glass of wine, which I gladly accepted. I cleaned up the dinner dishes and rowed over to Sally 2 for a very pleasant evening, we talked about how fast I had gained onthem on the reach and how the tables turned on the run, their dog was guarding the dingy the only escape to the shore for walks and ablutions. Sally 2 is seventy years old and feels very comfy and warm,  probable due to the fact she is wood. I am sorry that I can't remember the skipper and crew's names but I seem to be missing the log for the days sail, so this report is from memory but if they see this report they can email me from the home page.