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 Falmouth to Porthallow/Fowey 15th-16th July 2007      

I spent my time in Falmouth washing, relaxing, and looking for the nearest Yanmar dealer, so I could purchase some new impellas, and gaskets for the water pump. the local chandler had Jabsco impellers, but due to the problems I had been having, I wanted genuine replacement parts. I had a walk around the marina, and talking to the people working on their boats on the hard I found Cellar Marine at Porthallow, just south of the Helford River, so I telephoned John at Cellar Marine, who said he had the spares, and if I wanted, I could sail over to Porthallow this evening and pick up their mooring buoy in Porthallow Cove,  I could then get the spare parts first thing in the morning without having to sail there first, I left Falmouth Marine at 18:00 on the 15th July, and meandered down river, taking time to look at the various craft on their moorings, and anchored. I entered Falmouth Bay and set a course for Porthallow 198deg.I motor sailed the four and a half miles into Porthallow Cove where I picked up Cellar Marine's mooring buoy at 20:00. I dropped the main, and rowed ashore to explore the village, calling in at the Five Pilchards Inn, where I enjoyed a couple of pints, before returning to Anita for the night.

I was up early after a rocky night on the mooring. This was due to the wind holding Anita beam on to the waves, they weren't large waves, but they caused the boat to roll somewhat. I don't know how long this went on because I was soon asleep, helped by the rock and roll of the boat, and the two pints of beer of course, last of the big drinkers. Its another fine day, and with the wind now offshore the sea is flat, so I have breakfast before heading ashore in the dingy for the spare parts. I pulled the dingy up the steep and stony beach ashore, and made my way to Cellar Marine's workshop where I met John, who soon sorted my spare parts for me, and also showed me some of the modifications to the exhaust water inlet available for the Yanmar engines, designed, and manufactured at Cellar Marine. I paid for the parts after an interesting chat and left with the spares, plus a 10.00 donation for Martin House kindly donated by John. So if you are in the Falmouth area and require Yanmar spares give John a call, and have a free mooring for the night as I did.

Back on Anita I made another hot drink, before letting go the buoy at 10:05, and heading out of the bay, and toward my next port of call Fowey. My first waypoint is 13.5nm 55deg  which will bring me to 1.2nm south of Dodman Point, clearing the tide rips and the Bellows. The wind is W F3/4  and I am on a broad reach in very pleasant conditions, there isn't much traffic around today, I guess everyone is back at work after the week end. 12:15 and I decide to have some lunch, I am not too hungry so I just make some soup, or rather empty the tin of Pea & Ham into a saucepan and heat it up, with a couple of soft bread rolls,  and a mug of tea to finish. By 13:10 I am at the way point and alter course to 36deg for the Cannis Rock South cardinal, my next waypoint. the wind is still from the West, which makes it very relaxing sailing. I am wondering why I am being so fortunate in having such good wind direction for this voyage around the UK, I haven't had to do too much motoring, but I have been sailing in some strong winds, mainly 5/6 when if I wasn't sailing so far, I might have stayed in port more often, as it is the strong winds have sped me on my way, and its been very exhilarating, and although I have had the problem with the impeller, which lost me the sail to the Scilly Isles, (due to the weather window closing) I am in front of schedule.

14:50 and another slight alteration to the course 32deg and head for Fowey harbour entrance which I can now see clearly ahead now. Its 15:10 as I enter the harbour entrance off St Catherine's Point, I start the engine, and  lower my sails, motoring up the river to find a spare mooring buoy.              Safely tied to a buoy I radio for the water taxi to take me ashore, The taxi skipper is Kit who knows  Steve on Gamaldansk. She told me that he had a knock down somewhere off the East coast, but was OK, and continuing on their circumnavigation, which they hope to complete in a total of seven weeks. Steve is raising money for the Lifeboats.