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Lindisfarne to Eyemouth 4th June 2007

It was a good anchorage at Lindisfarne and I was pleased that I chose to stop there, but its up anchor and off to Eyemouth today. I was amazed at the strong tidal flow through the inner sound of Holy Island. I was at the southern end quite near the main tidal flow so I am pleased that Anita has a good 25lb CQR anchor and 40m of chain.

Eyemouth is the last port in England on the east coast and I am planning to change the engine oil their before the longer passage across the forth of firth, if the wind stays NE as it is today I will have to motor or motor sail, its misty again which keeps reducing the visibility to about half a mile, then it will lift to about 2.5 miles visibility.

As I pass Berwick upon Tweed I can see the barracks and fortifications on the north side of the river, and remember the time I spent visiting there with my wife Linda, Cousin Cathy and her husband Clive. I must acquire the Scottish courtesy flag for the starboard spreader it wouldn't do to sail in Scottish waters without one.

As I motor through the narrow entrance into Eyemouth Martin the Harbour master was on hand to direct me to a berth alongside another yacht, the owner of which being away for a few days, this will enable me not to have to think about the tide or have long lines up to the top of the quay.

Eyemouth is a busy port with fishing boats still plying their trade. There were fishing boat's being fuelled up and loaded with ice at the ice house. Three lads were repairing nets on the quay, so I had a word, and one of the lads showed me how to tie the knots to form the nets. It looks easy but I bet I would have all the holes different sizes if I tried.

The harbour has a new office complex with showers etc so the facilities are very good, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for Martin the Harbourmaster. I bought a book on Scottish birds from Crossing the Bar bookshop so I can identify the sea birds that I don't recognise. I went to the library to check on emails and to update the web site but found that updating the web wasn't allowed.

The lady behind the desk asked if I was the person sailing round the UK, the lady form the bookshop had told her, I gave her the details and she in turn gave me a 5.00 donation.

The only thing I couldn't buy was a courtesy flag. I bought some oil at the local garage, and asked if they had a spare empty can for the waste oil. No problem, and if you bring the waste oil back we will dispose of it for you. What nice people they are here, although I did see some building employees throw their empty pop bottles and food containers into the harbour. I might have said something but there were four of them!!

I enquired about fuel with the Harbourmaster and he said he would take me to the fuel dock to collect some, as I didn't carry a spare container he supplied me with one together with 38lts of diesel, with no charge. I thought Scots were supposed to be tight.

I enjoyed my time in Eyemouth and visited the library for emails; I also visited the Museum about the great tragedy where fishermen were lost in a great storm. (Details to be added later)