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Hartlepool to Blyth 2nd June 2007

Engine on prepare for sea and cast off to head for the lock and the open sea. I motor into the lock and tie up to the pontoon to wait for the inner gates to close, the water levels to be balanced and the outer gates to open and set us free. Yet another day and the wind from the south, it’s that familiar boat movement that upsets Malcolm’s stomach.

It was an uneventful sail up to Blyth save for Malcolm being poorly again. I know the sea sickness will be taking its toll, and sapping Malcolm’s energy, so I wasn’t surprised when he said he would have to leave the boat. I agreed with his decision, so he rang Helen his wife to come and pick him up. We got showered and shaved before we went to the bar for a drink, and to await Helen’s arrival.

Malcolm seemed positively relieved to be leaving and at the same time regret and worried at how I would cope on my own. There was no need to worry about me because I usually sailed on my own so I knew I would cope OK.

Helen arrived from Wetherby about 21.30; we had already loaded Malcolm’s gear onto a trolley, which we pulled up the ramp and piled into Helens car. I could tell Helen was also disappointed about the situation, but time will tell if the best decision was made. I think Malcolm made the right decision, for him and for me, but I was still sorry to see him leave.

So it’s a solo circumnavigation from now on. That is until some of my friends who fancy a sail join me in the various ports that I stop at. The next stop will be Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, which is somewhere I have fancied sailing to since I visited while on holiday in Northumberland a few years ago.